ESS data – Where do I get it?

ESS data – Where do I get it?

The question frequently asked by students is where do I get my ESS IA data. When writing your IA data make a very big part of this process. There are several ways you can go with ESS data:

1. Laboratory work/ fieldwork technique

This way you create an experiment and conduct it in a laboratory or outdoors. You should create a sampling strategy in order to gain sufficient amount of data.

2. Survey

You can create a survey and this is relatively an easy way how you get your data. Just pay attention that you get high enough sample size.

3. Secondary data

If there is a reason that you can’t perform an experiment/lab work/ fieldwork you can always use secondary data from reliable sources e.g. websites. What sources you are going to use depend on your topic and what environmental issue are you identifying. You can use some local sources or international ones. If you are writing about air pollution in Nepal local sources would be more adequate.

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