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ESS words -About the IA

The most important aspect of the environmental systems and societies course is hands-on work in the laboratory and/or out in the field- the IA.

The syllabus not only directly requires the use of field techniques, but many components can only be covered effectively through this approach.

Practical work in this subject is an opportunity to gain and develop skills and techniques beyond the requirements of the assessment model.

The purpose of the internal assessment investigation is to focus on a particular aspect of an environmental issue either global or local and to apply the results to a broader environmental and/or societal context. The investigation is recorded as a written report.

The report should be between 1750 and 2250 words. The word count does not include titles, annotations on images and graphs, bibliography, footnotes and headings. Data (qualitative and quantitative) is not included but tables with variables or method evaluation tables do count.

Marking of your IA is done only up to 2250 words and everything else is excluded from reading and marking e.g. appendix.

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