IB IA examples

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IB IA examples

ESS IA is an important part of Environmental Systems and Societies course. It weights 25% of your grade and maximum points you can get is 30. There are several parts of ESS IA such as context (6), planning (6), results analysis and conclusion (6), discussion and evaluation (6), application(3) and communication (3).

ESS IA examples are starting with identification of environmental issue (global and local).

Some of the IB IA examples:

-Global warming and climate change,
-Bleaching of coral reefs,
-Ecological footprint,
-Energy consumption,
-Diet differences,
-Red panda bear protection,
-Loss off biodiversity,
-Invasive species,
-Zoo animal protection etc.

Based on your preferences, you should chose a topic and plan a methodology in order to explore the topic further. Contact us if you need any ESS help!



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