IB scores

IB scores

The IB diploma is awarded to students who meet the subject requirements, receive a minimum score of 24 points, and satisfactorily complete the core components, including extended essay, theory of knowledge, and creativity, action, service. The highest total available for a Diploma Programme student is 45 points. Scores are based on the grades of 1 to 7 awarded for each of the six subjects, for a total of 42 points, and up to 3 additional points for the core components.

The number of students in the Diploma Programme has increased from 2,800 students in 1980 to nearly 120,000 now. Over the same period, pass rates have remained consistent at around 80%, and the average score on the IB diploma has been 30 points. Less than 1% of students receiving the IB diploma obtain a score of 45 points. Grade distributions on the IB assessments vary by subject. Students who complete standard level or higher level subjects are well prepared for success in that subject in university. Only 7% receive the top grade of a 7, and more than 50% of all grades fall between 4 and 5.

What do IB Diploma Programme scores tell us? Our research into student performance at UBC indicates that IB students with diploma scores in the 27 to 30 point range perform the same as straight-A students out of our provincial high school curriculum.

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