How to choose an IA topic? – Part 2

How to choose an IA topic? – Part 2

The individual investigation for internal assessment (usually just called “The IA”) is a practical assignment that all ESS students will complete.

The IA makes up 25% of the final score on the course. The assignment will be submitted as a lab report and should be 1500 – 2250 words in length. Students should spend about 10 hours of class time on the assignment plus additional time writing up.

Students will be marked according to the criteria in the ESS subject guide.

When you are in the process of choosing the IA there are many subtopics you can focus to write the IA.

Some of the possible subtopics are:

  • Investigating ecosystems
  • An introduction to biodiversity
  • Origins of biodiversity
  • Treats to biodiversity
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Introduction to water systems
  • Access to freshwater
  • Aquatic food production system
  • Water pollution
  • Soil systems
  • When you choose a subtopic write the environmental issue list global and local examples and get the data.
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