New Year, New Me: Two Simple Resolutions for IB Students

New Year, New Me: Two Simple Resolutions for IB Students

Here it is, 2021! Happy New Year everyone! But with the start of every new year comes those glorified ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. The tradition whereby a person resolves to change, improve and be even better than the year before. Often these goals will be forgotten about after the first week of the new year. But I want to help you guys make 2021 the year you ace your IB Diploma!

So, this week’s blog is going to provide you with the best new year’s resolutions for IB students!

1. Tackle your Most Challenging Subjects
So, force yourself to devote a significant amount of time to these subjects, and gradually, you can see positive improvements! If any of you relate to this, I encourage you to make this one of your new year’s resolutions. Try to devote half and hour each week to working on your weakest subject. If you stick to this resolution throughout the year I’m sure you’ll see a significant improvement.

2. Plan Ahead and Stay Organized
Well, 2021 is definitely going to be the year you stay on top of your IB deadlines and assignments! Set yourself the resolution of not leaving any important assignments to the night before the deadline. Use this time to plan ahead with your deadlines, activities, and general studying, and aim to start those big assignments prior to the night before the deadline!

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