How to live 100% sustainably? Tips and tricks for sustainable living

sustainable living

How to live 100% sustainably? Tips and tricks for sustainable living

  1. Drink tap water/Avoid single-use water bottles

When you choose to drink tap water, you are not only avoiding the plastic waste caused by single-use bottles. You also conserve the energy that would be used to produce plastic, fill the bottles, and transport them. You can also improve the quality of your tap water by investing in a filtration system.

  1. Reduce your consumption of meat

Factory farmed animal protein has a higher carbon footprint than many other food options; is responsible for the pollution of groundwater, air, and soil; and consumes an extraordinary amount of energy and water. While some people may take this as a sign to remove animal-based products from their diet entirely, it is unrealistic to expect that all people have the ability—or the desire—to do so.

  1. Cook more at home to reduce food waste

During the pandemic, a record number of families began cooking at home more frequently. There are several health benefits to cooking your own meals, but did you know it can also be the eco-friendlier choice? When you cook your own meals, not only can you choose where and how your ingredients were sourced but you can also control things like packaging, plastic waste.

You might even invest in an at-home composting system or choose to use your discarded veggie ends to make a nice broth. Share some tips on sustainable living on our facebook and instagram!

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