What is ESS?

ESS IB- Environmental Systems and Societies is a multidisciplinary subject, which satisfies Diploma requirements for Groups 3 and 4, therefore is often challenging for students.
I have helped many Environmental Systems and Societies students from all over the world to achieve good results and understand ESS IB by providing IB ESS online lessons. I am here to make Environmental Systems and Societies easy and fun while we do some IB ESS online learning. 

IB ESS online tutoring is based on your own needs and requirements. When having IB ESS online lessons, we will follow your pace when it comes to Environmental Systems and Societies and work to fulfil your potential.

When conducting IB ESS online lessons, I can help you with the Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS IB) when it comes to:



Past papers




IB ESS online tutoring is a great way of learning without having to leave your home. IB ESS online learning save you money, time and energy as you don’t have to commute in order to have IB ESS online tutoring. IB ESS online lessons will provide you with a customise support according to your own level of Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS IB) knowledge..

Group IB ESS online lessons are also available. You can invite your friends to our IB ESS online lessons for the same price! However, when having a group IB ESS online tutoring, you won’t get a personalized IB ESS online lesson.

Marija Maletz

About me:

Hi! Welcome to my website!

My name is Marija Maletz, I am IB examiner, teacher and tutor.

I have been teaching ESS for 10 years now, in 3 European countries.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Geography and Environmental Science. Teaching ESS and helping students is my passion and it makes me happy.

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