Terms And Conditions

Please, read the following Terms and Conditions before buying any of the online products from this website. If you buy any of the products from this website, you are bound by Terms and Conditions.

Marija Maletz, IB ESS tutor and teacher

  1. Contract

The following Terms and Conditions represent the contract between me and you.

  1. Free 20 min Trial Lesson

You can get a free 20 min trial lesson before bying any of my online services or products. This way, you get to know my teaching style and i will get a chance to meet you and figure out the best way I can help you.

3.Online tutoring lessons

3.1.Not being punctual

3.1.1. When it comes to a free 20 min trial lesson, a student can be late for 10 min maximum, from the pre-scheduled lesson time. However, this amount of time will be deducted from the 20 min.

3.1.2.When it comes to paid lessons, a student may be late for 15 min maximum. However, the lesson will not be extended. If a student is late more than 15 min, the lesson will be cancelled.

3.1.3. If I am late for the lesson, for less than 15 min, a lesson will be conducted and I will extend you a lesson, we will agree on time and date. If I am late for more than 15 min, the lesson is cancelled and I will give you one more lesson for free.


3.2.1. A student can cancel a lesson latest 24 hours before a pre-scheduled lesson. We will agree on another time and date for the lesson.

3.2.2. If a student cancels a lesson within the 24 hours preceding the pre-scheduled lesson, or not attending the lesson for more than 15 min, then the lesson is gone and no refund possible.

3.2.3. If I cancel the lesson within the 24 hours preceding the pre-scheduled lesson, the next lesson is for free.

3.2.4 Lessons are purchased in advance and if you don’t use them no refund possible.

3.2.5.You must use purchased lessons in two months period otherwise the lessons are gone and no refund possible.

3.3. Non-attendance

3.3.1. If you don’t attend the lesson without cancelling it in time as stated above, the lesson is gone and no refund possible.

3.3.2. If I am not able to have a lesson and can not let you know within the 24 hours prior to our pre-scheduled lesson, then you will get one more free lesson.

3.4.Internet connection and your computer

I am not responsible for your internet connection nor your computer. You need to have a fair internet connection and computer, speakers, mic and headphones.

4.Changes of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are subscaptible to changes, therefore you should read them from time to time.

5.Copying the website

Any copying of this website or the content of this website is forbidden.