IB ESS online lessons

Why having IB ESS online tutoring?

With increasing globalization and technological development, online education goes hand in hand. Around 3 million students are fully enrolled in online education programmes, while 6 million students take at least one subject online.

IB ESS online course have many benefits:

  • Lower costs because while having IB ESS online lessons you don’t need to commute which saves your money.
  •  Comfortable learning environment as you can study online without even having to leave your home. You can have IB ESS online lessons while enjoying coffee at your favourite café or even while you are taking a holiday away from your home.
  • Some students concentrate better on studying while having IB ESS online tutoring compared to face to face learning


Who can take IB ESS online lessons and tutoring?

All the IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS IB) students who need to broaden their understanding of the ESS IB are welcome to book an online lesson. This way student can understand the way of teaching and later on can book more.

If you are a IBDP Year 1 or Year 2 and you want more support through the IB ESS curriculum I will be happy to help you.
IB ESS online tutoring is ideal for pre IB students who consider taking ESS IB as a subject. This way I can prepare you for a challenging ESS IB curriculum. Contact us and scedule your ESS online lesson!