Environmental System and Societies – ESS

A few words on ESS IB or IB Environmental Systems and Societies


IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS IB) is an optional subject for IB students. IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL and HL(ESS IB) is a multidisciplinary subject. It combines many different sciences and subjects into one umbrella of ESS IB syllabus.
ESS IB SL and HL has been popular among IB students worldwide. It provides students with vast knowledge about some of the most popular topics and issues today. Environmental Systems and Societies SL and HL is offered by many IB schools worldwide as it is gaining in popularity over the years.

Environmental System and societies

IB ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) combines teachings of Geography, Ecology, Environmental Science, Chemistry and even Physics. As IB ESS SL and HL is that broad, providing many different aspects of Environment, IB placed it into two different subject groups: Subject Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) and Subject Group 4 (Sciences).

With that being said, ESS meaning is Environmental Systems and Societies. IB ESS covers a large amount of most environmental problems and issues we encounter today from climate change and global warming to pollution. ESS definition would be a system of natural and artificial processes that take place in the environment. ESS IB is gaining in popularity nowadays as students and parents and public in general is raising the awareness about environmental issues. Some of the ESS IB students wanted to avoid hard subjects like Physics or Chemistry. Therefore they have chosen Environmental Systems and Societies instead.
In their own words choosing ESS IB was much better than other Sciences in a way that it gave them more freedom and still it has some aspects of Humanities thanks to its geographical side. IB ESS can be a difficult subject to teach, as a good IB ESS teacher has to have knowledge from many subjects. In my opinion, IB ESS couldn’t be taught 100% effectively by a Biology teacher, as him has nothing to do with Humanities involved in IB ESS. Environmental Systems and Societies SL and HL has to be taught by an Environmental Science expert or Geography teacher having the Environmental background.

What is ESS?

IB Environmental Systems and Societies is a trans disciplinary subject.  Topics range from investigating ecosystems and biomes like tropical rainforests and deserts to studying biodiversity and endangered species. ESS IB also examines human population, what is the population on Earth, where it lives and what are the demographic characteristics of it.

It looks into main anthropogenic influences in local and global aspects. ESS IB examines the main causes of global warming, and gives space to students to propose solutions for all of these. ESS IB offers a wide base of investigations to take place, from laboratory work and lab exercises to field trips and ESS IB investigations, surveys and investigations. ESS IB syllabus changes every 5-6 years, so the students get the most accurate data and information.

Therefore, IB Environmental Systems and Societies is a very up to date and practical subject to take. It will provide you with lots of information about environmental situation, topics and solutions.

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