Online lessons

are a great way of learning without having to leave your home. It saves you money, time and energy. All you need to have is a Skype account.
Online lessons are based on your own needs and requirements. We will follow your pace and work to fulfil your potential.

What does an online lesson look like?
Students are offered personalized teaching so they understand the depths of the ESS curriculum.
Students are taught ESS key terms and definitions.
Students are taught logical thinking in ESS when answering questions.
We will often use a whiteboard to draw and explain different processes in ESS.

What do students get from our lessons?
Our students’ needs are identified. We know who our learners are and what they need to learn.
We choose content and materials that are relevant, accurate, up to date, and aligned with our student’ needs.
We adapt our teaching methods and techniques to suit our students’ needs and preferences.
We assess our students’ progress and achievement throughout a lesson.

Our students are getting exceptional results in their final IB ESS exams every year and this is our biggest success. They are achieving the highest marks in their ESS exams and usually contact us to share this wonderful news with us.