Environmental systems

environmental system and societies

Environmental systems

The Environmental Systems & Societies course is a trans-disciplinary course that integrates physical and biological sciences, coupled with a societal viewpoint, in order to help students understand the environment and its sustainability. The purpose of this course is to expose students to the interrelationships of the environment and societies, and the nature of their interactions, so that they can create their personal set of ideas to a wide range of pressing global issues.

The aims and objectives which drive ESS are influenced by the IB Learner Profile, as its different aspects lend to the unique, meaningful learning experiences for the students. The IB Learner Profile also provides avenues for students to discover and develop an international dimension. The ESS curriculum promotes an understanding of environmental processes in an internationally minded way. The students will consider the interdependence of peoples, communities and nations around the world as governmental and non-governmental agencies work to manage and preserve the resources of our globe’s environment. This course of study will provide the skills necessary for students to analyze, promote cultural awareness, connect technology and its influence on the environment, and realize that global societies are linked to the environment at a number of levels and at a variety of scales and the resolution of many of these issues rely heavily on international relationships and agreements.

As a result of this course the students will develop a holistic appreciation of complexities of local and global environmental issues and how different societies influence them. (International-mindedness) The students will consider the costs & benefits of human activities both for the environment and societies.

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