If you want to pass ESS exam easily, you have to do these 5 steps!

ESS exam

If you want to pass ESS exam easily, you have to do these 5 steps!

Securing a high score in IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) involves strategic revision and a deep understanding of the subject’s interdisciplinary nature. Here is how to pass your ESS exam.

5 steps to pass your ESS exam

Here are a few tips on how to revise effectively for ESS:

  1. Understand the syllabus: The ESS syllabus is structured around several core topics and extension material. Familiarising yourself with the syllabus can help guide your revision and ensure you cover all necessary areas.
  2. Study from Various Resources: Use textbooks, online resources, and revision guides to vary your study material.
  3. Master the Key Concepts: ESS involves several critical theories and models. Understanding these, and their real-world applications, can significantly boost your exam performance.
  4. Prepare for Internal Assessment: The ESS IA is an original field investigation, accounting for 25% of the final score. A high-quality IA can bolster your final grade, so choose your research question wisely and dedicate sufficient time to carry out the investigation.
  5. Seek support: Collaborate with classmates, form study groups, or seek guidance from your teacher or IB ESS tutor. Exploring different perspectives and discussing challenging topics can enhance your learning experience.

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