What is environmental systems and societies ib / ESS course


What is environmental systems and societies ib / ESS course

The Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS) course is an interdisciplinary course which is unique in that it contains various sciences, coupled with a societal viewpoint, all intertwined to help you understand the environment and its sustainability. This course is designed to combine the techniques and knowledge associated with group 4 (the experimental sciences) with those associated with group 3 (individuals and societies).

ESS course of study will provide the skills necessary for you to:

  • analyze,
  • promote cultural awareness,
  • connect technology and
  • its influence on the environment.

You will realize that global societies are linked to the environment at a number of levels and at a variety of scales and the resolution of many of these issues rely heavily on international relationships and agreements.

ESS is designed to give you the analytical tools and content knowledge which will aid you as you grapple with global issues and others as you continue your scientific endeavors and fulfill your role as a citizen and future lawmaker.

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