ESS IB assessment model

ESS IB assessment model

When taking Environmental systems and societies course, students are expected to follow assessment objectives. ESS IB SL has four assessment objectives.

Assessment objective 1

When taking ESS IB, a student should understand:
• facts and concepts
• methodologies and techniques
• values and attitudes.

Assessment objective 2

ESS IB student should analyse:
• explanations, concepts and theories
• data and models
• case studies in unfamiliar contexts
• arguments and value systems.

Assessment objective 3

When taking ESS IB, a student should evaluate:
• explanations, theories and models
• arguments and proposed solutions
• methods of fieldwork and investigation
• cultural viewpoints and value systems

Assessment objective 4

ESS IB student should investigate the environment through:

  • evaluating the political, economic and social contexts of issues
  • selecting and applying the appropriate research and practical skills
  • suggesting solutions that demonstrate awareness for the value systems of others.
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