Writing your ESS IA

Writing ESS IA

Writing your ESS IA

Sometimes students have a problem when it comes to addressing their ESS IA topics.

Too general
All these are far too broad and global and cannot be addressed within the ESS IA to meet the criteria. Avoid such general titles.
• Tourism in Costa Rica
• Global dimming
• Oceans and their coral reefs
• The climate change/ Greenhouse effect
• The nuclear radiation
• The effect of oil spillage on coastal life

Just not right
• The wisdom of Lynx reintroduction in Colorado
• The effects of Chernobyl catastrophe on Germany and Bavarian forests 33 years after the event.

NOT addressing the subject
• Antimicrobial resistance: a growing ethical dilemma between economics and the environment
• Heavy metal contamination in dairy products
• Does the frequency of earthquakes off the west coast of California and the Gulf of Alaska correspond to Southern Oscillation Index Values?

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