ESS IA ideas (1)

Studing ESS IAs topics

ESS IA ideas (1)

Choosing an ESS IA topic is a difficult and responsible task, as it affects your IA as a whole. For writing a good and meaningful IA is important to choose an ESS IA topic that you are attracted to.

Some of the ESS IA topics (Research questions) are listed below:
• How much food waste do High school students at Southbank International School in London produce and why?
• To what extent does the land use (agricultural, residential or industrial) influence the type of water pollution present in Bilbao?
• To what extent do parks in urban areas affect positively on people’s wellbeing with two contrasting EVS, as measured by individual’s health and satisfaction with life?
• What are the effects of different sources of water on the growth of Dactylis Glomerata?
• To what extent does soil erosion impact soil characteristics and cowpea growth?
• To what extent does iron released from landfills affect the speed of germination of oat grass?
• To what extent does person’s knowledge of wolfs affect their desire to protect wolfs?
• Do the lifespans of GM plants react differently than non-GM plants when there is a use of pesticides?

The practical work submitted for ESS IA must be the student’s own work. Teachers can give advice to students on a 1st draft of the ESS IA. The next version of Internal Assessment handed to the teacher must be the final one.

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