The biggest mistakes you can make as ESS student

The biggest mistakes you can make as ESS student

You don’t answer the question properly

When you answer the question for tests, exams, and assignments, it’s important that you are focused and understand the question completely. So read the question properly, sometimes even several times in order to understand what they want you to answer. This is especially important when it comes to answering the essay questions which are long and bring you most of the marks.

You freak out over how much work you need to do

You look at all the work you need to do and you feel completely overwhelmed. You think, “It’s so massive. I have no idea where to start!” So what do you do? You go watch some random youtube videos. You’ll worry about the work later. However, when it comes to tests and ESS exams the best would be to start studying from the day one therefore you dont find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Now is the time to learn how to learn

Sort yourself out in high school. Establish good study habits and you’ll be laughing by the time you get to university.

My best advice: Put aside a little time (we’re talking 30 minutes a day) to make some ESS studying or research for your IA or project.

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