Which country is more eco-friendly?

eco-friendly country

Which country is more eco-friendly?

Some countries are well-known for their strong commitment to environmental protection, renewable energy, and sustainable practices. It is challenging to definitively say which country is more eco-friendly.


  1. Denmark

Denmark again earns the title of most environmentally friendly country in the world. Denmark stands out for its high scores in “nearly all issues tracked by the EPI”, and garnered extra praise for its efforts in the fields of clean energy and sustainable agriculture. Denmark is also one of only a handful of countries on track to reach “net zero” CO₂ emissions by 2050. In addition to implementing some of the world’s most efficient policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change, Denmark has long focused upon sustainability, championing clean products such as eco-friendly hotels, solar-powered boats, and organic food.


  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s 2022 EPI score of 77.7 was the second-highest in the world, and the country’s 23-point improvement over the ten years from 2012 to 2022 was the third-highest of any country. The report’s creators specifically singled out the UK’s efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions—like Denmark, the UK is one of very few countries currently on schedule to reduce their net CO₂ emissions to zero by 2050. The UK was also one of six countries to post a perfect score of 100 for sanitation and drinking water, and scores high for its management of solid household fuels and soil acidification.


  1. Finland

The country with the third-highest EPI rating (76.5) in 2022, Finland ties several other high-scoring countries for first place in several performance indicators, including Marine Protected Areas, Grassland Loss (protection), Soil Acidification, Wastewater Treatment, Household Solid Fuels, PM2.5 (air quality), Sanitation, Drinking Water, Heavy Metals, and “Black Carbon” Emissions. About 35% of Finland’s power comes from renewable energy resources, and forest and wildlife conservation are high priorities.

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