What are the 3 types of human environment interaction?

human environment interaction

What are the 3 types of human environment interaction?

Human Environmental Interaction can be described as the connections between human beings and the entire ecological unit. The human social systems and environment are intricate adaptive systems. They are intricate since ecological units and human social systems have a lot of elements and correlations between them. The adaptivness is because of the feedback systems that support survival in continuously changing surroundings.

Human environment interaction is the way people adapt and modify the environment.

There are 3 types of human environment interaction:

  • The way people depend on the environment for food, water, timber, natural gas etc
  • The way people adapt the environment to fulfill their own needs
  • The way people modify the environment positively or negatively like drilling holes, building dams


  1. The use of natural resources

People use different kinds of natural reserves like timber, metals, and oil in the day to day lives. There is also a dependence on food and water for a continued existence. People also require energy for various reasons such as cooking at home and industrial purposes. From clothes, transport services, constructions, electronic devices and other items that are used all need different resources so as to be produced.

  1. Deforestation

One exacting predicament that is a result of too much misuse of natural resources and also representing human environmental interaction is deforestation. It happens when forests get cut down and the trees are not replaced or permitted to grow back. Countries such as Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, America, Congo, and India have cleared a lot of its forests for economic and agricultural purposes to meet the food demand, fuel and building materials.

  1. Energy resources

Using of renewable or non-renewable sources demonstrate human environmental interaction as the energy is used to power transport and communication systems, electrical equipment, and our homes as well as offices.

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    human enviormental reanaction is the way humans and the enviorment adapt to eachother

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