What role do humans play in environmental systems?

What role do humans play in environmental systems?

What role do humans play in environmental systems?

The Environment has suffered for thousands of years due to Human Activities. Since as Homo sapiens we first walked the earth, there have been several modifications on the planet and around us through the development of infrastructure, travel, and the incorporation of urbanization and other commercial networks.  The change, however, has been both positive and negative—and likely for the betterment resulting in the worse at some point in time.

Human activities – Growth in the population

Accommodating the increasing population has been a major cause for much of the impact that we’ve had on our Environment. However, the food supply of ours can support more lives than ever, although this reality has the profound impact of reducing the population turnover and leading to its rapid expansion.

The growth in the population needs to be housed there has been massive deforestation to build homes for the people, which has resulted in significant negative effects on the environment. Deforestation has many adverse effects, including decreasing oxygen levels (and increasing greenhouse gases), elevated risk of soil erosion, and the destruction of animal habitats.

A major life-threatening Human activity that affects the environment not only by contributing to air pollution, or water, or soil pollution but has also become a major threat for the entire human species. It has also contributed to tremendous effects on the world, leading to environmental degradation and problems like acid rain and harmful algal blooms in the ocean.

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