Which IB group is ESS in?

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Which IB group is ESS in?

Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) is an exciting and highly relevant cross-disciplinary subject that draws together elements of Biology, Geography and Environmental Science.

The course provides a coherent perspective on the interrelationships between environmental systems and the societies within them, encouraging students to develop an informed and personal response to pressing environmental issues.

A rigorous and scientific course, ESS involves practical investigations but also develops an understanding of how socio-economic, cultural and political factors help to shape environmental behaviour. A holistic “systems” approach is used and leads students to an appreciation of nature and values of internationalism.

So, which IB group is ESS in?

ESS contains both science and social science elements and counts as either a Group 3 or Group 4 subject (at SL), making it one of the most versatile subjects that the IB offers.

This allows students who do it in Group 3 to study up to three sciences (including ESS), or students who take it in Group 4 to study up to three humanities (including ESS).

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