High scoring IB ESS Internal Assessment examples

IB ESS Internal Assessment

High scoring IB ESS Internal Assessment examples

See what past students did and make your IB ESS Internal Assessment perfect by learning from examiner commented examples! In this post, we’ve put together a list of 10 topics to give you an idea of what a good subject in ESS should look like.

By the time you complete scanning the ideas provided in this list, you’ll have an easy time coming up with a suitable topic for your IA assignment.

IB ESS Internal Assessment examples:

  • Aerosoles concentration in the atmosphere of Rome
  • How does gender affect recycling
  • How does age groups affect diet
  • Investigating diversity of plant species in the school garden
  • The tropospheric ozone levels in the city center
  • Global warming and the CO2 levels in Malaysia
  • Water quality in the school pond
  • Productivity of the tropical rainforest in Borneo
  • The effect of sunlight on photosynthesis of Elodea
  • Counting the population of beetles using the Lincoln index

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