When it comes to ESS IB, it is very important that you write a good ESS IA. Environmental systems and societies is a complex course, therefore you have a range of different topics. You can focus ESS IA on physical aspect of the environment or social aspect.

ESS texbook suggestions

ESS IA topic samples:
– Measuring species diversity in an ecosystem
– Measuring pH of the soil and its effect on productivity
– Measuring some of the abiotic weather factors
– Oxygen levels in water bodies
– Perception of climate change
– Perception of deforestation
– Zonation in an ecosystem
– Mayfly larvae and flow rate of a river
– Measuring ecological footprint

ESS IA includes work laboratory work and/or fieldwork. ESS IA accounts 25% of your final mark. ESS IA involves competition of an individual investigation of a research question. The ESS IA is submitted as a written report.

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