ESS Paper 2

ESS Paper 2

ESS Paper 2

ESS Paper 2 counts for 50% of the final grade. There are total of 65 marks and Paper 2 is divided into Section A and Section B. Be ready!


    • It typically consists of a series of short-answer questions and essay-style questions related to environmental topics.

Content Covered

    • The exam covers various aspects of environmental systems, including ecosystems, biodiversity, pollution, climate change, and sustainable development.
    • Students are expected to demonstrate knowledge of scientific principles, critical thinking skills, and an understanding of the interconnectedness of environmental issues.


    • Common topics include:
      • Ecosystems: Understanding ecological processes, nutrient cycles, and interactions between organisms.
      • Biodiversity: Factors affecting biodiversity, conservation strategies, and the importance of maintaining diverse ecosystems.
      • Pollution: Types of pollution (air, water, soil), sources, impacts, and mitigation measures.
      • Climate Change: Causes, consequences, and adaptation strategies.
      • Sustainable Development: Balancing economic, social, and environmental aspects.


    • Students should study relevant course materials and textbooks.

ESS Paper 2 Tips for Success

    • Read questions carefully and address all parts.
    • Use relevant terminology and provide concise, accurate answers.
    • For essays, organize your thoughts logically and support your arguments with evidence.
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