ESS tests – For ESS IB IAs students

ESS tests – For ESS IB IAs students

External Assessment is the biggest part of students’ grades in ESS – and all IBDP. External Assessment is the big IB Exam, which students will sit in May or November of their final year in high school. External Assessment (EA) accounts for 75% of students’ overall grade in Environmental Systems and Societies.

The IB ESS Exam is structured as follows:

Paper 1:
• 25% of final ESS grade
• short answers or calculations about a case study (a ‘Resource Booklet’ is provided)
• no multiple choice
• 60 minutes + 5 minutes’ reading time

Paper 2:
• 50% of final ESS grade
• Section A – short answer questions
• Section B – choose 2 out of 4 essay questions
• no multiple choice
• 120 minutes + 5 minutes’ reading time

Because the External Assessment is so important to students’ overall ESS grades, all questions I give throughout the lessons will consist of real IB ESS questions from past exams. Students should plan on taking at least two Paper 1-style test and one Paper 2-style test each term in preparation for the IB ESS Exam. Additionally, students will take a Mock ESS Exam under simulated exam.


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