ESS tests

ess tests

ESS tests

The assessment model of IB ESS course consists of two external papers/tests. Ess tests or ESS papers. Paper 1 is a one hour exam based on case study weighing 25% of the final grade. Paper 2 is a two hours exam which contains short-answer questions and structured essays. It weighs 50% of the final grade.

Our IB ESS online tutor has developed the ESS tests, worksheets and mock papers for the students for their assessment. The IB ESS internal assessment consists of a written report of a research question developed and designed by the students using a scientific method. The internal assessment weighs 25% of the final grade. We have an online IB ESS tutor and IB ESS examiner who conduct online classes for the students staying in different countries.

Our tutor will share various pieces of material with you to fully prepare you for your upcoming ESS papers. Contact is in order to prepare best for you ESS tests and exams!

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