Flexibility of ESS IAs

Flexibility of ESS IAs

The ESS IA model is flexible enough to allow a wide variety of investigations to be carried out.

These could include:
• Short laboratory practicals over one or two lessons and long-term practicals or projects extending over several weeks
• Computer simulations
• Data-gathering exercises such as questionnaires and surveys
• Data-analysis exercises
• General laboratory work and fieldwork
It is vital that the range of tasks undertaken by students reflects the transdisciplinary nature of ESS. Through a balanced and varied IAs, students should be able to experience tasks that focus on laboratory work and/or fieldwork, as well as value- based investigations.

The investigations choices should be based on:
• The needs of the students
• Available resources
• Teaching styles

The students should be provided with the opportunity to carry out investigations that demonstrate the relationships between environmental and social systems.

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