IB ESS Objective 3, 4 and 5

IB ESS Objective 3, 4 and 5

Analyse Break down in order to bring out essential elements or structure.

Comment Give a judgment based on a given statement from IB ESS notes.

Compare and contrast Give an account of similarities and differences between two items.

Construct Display information in a diagrammatic form from IB ESS notes.

Deduce Reach a conclusion.

Derive Manipulate a mathematical relationship to give a new equation.

Design Produce a plan, simulation or a model.

Determine Obtain the only possible answer.

Discuss Offer a balanced review that includes a range of arguments and factors. Conclusions should be presented
clearly and supported by evidence, as in IB ESS notes.

Evaluate Weighing up the strengths and limitations.

Explain Give a detailed account, including reasons, like in your IB ESS notes.

Justify Give valid reasons to support an answer or conclusion.

Predict Give an expected result.

Suggest Propose a solution or other possible answer from IB ESS notes.

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