Ideas for ESS IA (2)

ESS IA ideas

Ideas for ESS IA (2)

Are you preparing for ESS exam? Here is very usefull text about ESS Ia ideas:

Many students struggle with a right choice of the ESS IA. They are unsure how/when and where to look for the right ESS IA topic. Many students ask me to help them with their ESS IA and I do it with joy.

Here is a listing of examples. The titles below are general, to give you a sense of direction, but they are not sufficiently specific to serve as a research question. You will have to modify the title to make it more specific and focused. In most cases, this will involve indicating the variable(s) chosen for investigation.

  • Impact of the United States Border Wall on the migration of desert bighorn sheep
  • Agricultural fertilizer’s effect on the diversity of stream macro-invertebrates in the Danube River
  • Impact of a person’s income on the size of their ecological footprint
  • Pesticide use effects on species diversity
  • Salinization effects on the rate of growth of plants
  • Acid rain affects of plant growth/germination
  • Degradation rates of various recyclable materials
  • Age group affects on environmental philosophies
  • Deforestation affected on the rate of erosion
  • The rate of decomposition of biodegradable plastics
  • Level of economic development on carbon emissions/acid rain
  • Evaluation of school recycling program
  • How wildfires effect climate change
  • Plastic recycling
  • Vegan only Friday in School Cafeteria
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