Mock Exams

Mock Exams

Mock Exam Information for Students

The mock exams are held to resemble the real exams as closely as possible; in the setting up of the room, how the students enter and leave the room, and the reading of the instructions. This reduces the students concerns for the final exams, enabling them to understand the process as well as leaving them with no surprises when the final exams take place.

Mock exams are also explained to parents and students at the start of the year in a parent workshop, with the aim of reassuring them regarding the role of the mock exams in the predicted grades process.
Mock Exam Structure

Since IB mock exams are intended to prepare students for the real thing, they are designed to be very similar to the actual exams students must pass to be granted IB diplomas. Instructions are precise and specific; questions are typically few in number but require in-depth, well thought-out answers. Mock exams are typically given in midwinter, so that students will have several months to correct any weak points they may discover.

Examination Basics

Do not let yourself fall behind in course work only to cram the week or night before the mock exam. All you’ll get is tired; a great deal of thought is put into designing exams that measure your learning in-depth, and IB courses cannot be swallowed in one gulp. Take your mock exams seriously, but don’t tense up. Make the most of this low-pressure opportunity to find out how you are doing and what areas may need work.

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