This is step by step guide for passing ESS exam easily!

passing ESS exam

This is step by step guide for passing ESS exam easily!

ESS exam is approaching and you are more and more confused about your ESS exam. Before taking the exam read our guide for passing ESS exam easily!


  1. Familiarize yourself with relevant ESS terminology. Use it appropriately in your answers to demonstrate a sound understanding of the subject. This is especially important when it comes to the Section B in Paper 2 – essay questions.


  1. Provide clear analysis in your responses. Balance different viewpoints and avoid bias. Use relevant examples where required, but ensure you explain them adequately ex case studies about any topic – Aral Sea case study for the unsustainable use of freshwater resources.


  1. Review the ESS syllabus thoroughly. IB ESS teachers and examiners can help you and cover essential topics and concepts.


  1. Apply your knowledge and improve your analytical skills by solving different environmental problems and their interaction with humans.


Read about mistakes you want to avoid.
Good luck with passing your ESS exam!

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