What is an “environmental issue” considered in ESS?

Environmental issues

What is an “environmental issue” considered in ESS?

Environmental issues are categorized into 2 major types: Local and Global.

Local issues can be specific to and inspired by what you see in your everyday life, including seeing more chemicals in your local lake, planned deforestation in the forest near your house, changes in the way the water tastes in your apartment block, etc. There are many things within our everyday lives that are somehow interacting with the environment around us, and to find a local environmental issue is to find something relevant to your own life.

There may be a thermal pollution issue in your local river or coral bleaching in the sea, You may notice that the local power plant where you live causes a noticeable air pollution. You should look at local developments and see what could be affected to get some inspiration.

Global issues are more widespread, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t just as specific as local issues. Global issues largely focus on certain local trends that are seen globally. These can be related to certain policies being implemented on a large scale due to a certain directive (such as those approved by the EU), the issues that come from increased amounts of chemicals being used in irrigation, environmental issues stemming from people not having enough money to live more sustainable lives, etc.

These global issues are usually seen as more far-reaching and easy to do, however this is not always the case. There are plenty problems that result from you only having a certain amount of resources to investigate a globally experienced phenomenon. To what extent is what you’re studying giving insight into the named global issue, or does the area you live prevent you from getting actual insight into the true breadth of the issue?

Too many times do students pick a topic that is too widespread to truly investigate, whereas it would be much easier to look at your day-to-day life and understand what globally experienced issues are influencing your local environment.

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