What is ESS?

What is ESS?

What is ESS?

ESS is a Group 3 and 4 subject for students of the International Baccalaureate Programme.

The ESS aims to:

• provide content and activities that illustrate the principles and values of the IB and IB learner profile
• encourage reflection, discussion and critical thinking
• enhance knowledge of a variety of cultural and ideological perspectives.

So what is actually ESS?

ESS – Environmental systems and societies provides students with the knowledge and tools needed to develop reasoned arguments and opinions about the big environmental issues they will face throughout their lives.
The subject considers the historical background of the environmental movement and takes students through both theory and practice of environmental systems and societies to equip them with a thorough understanding of the subject.

• It provides a clear foundation of scientific theory and practice to ensure that students fully understand and appreciate challenges facing humans, other species and the world we inhabit
• Includes facts and critical evaluation of important environmental problems and events


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