ESS IA ideas (2)

ESS IA ideas (2)

When it comes to ESS IA topics, you have plenty to choose from.

Some of the good examples of Research questions (ESS IA topics) are listed below:

• What is the effect of acid rain on plants grown in soils from Boston with different compositions?
• To what extent can GDP be a signifier of a country’s birth and death rate?
• To what extent does public transportation subsidised by government affect the air particles levels in New Delhi, India?
• To what extent does zinc chloride affect the growth of duck-weed?
• To what extent has increased urbanisation affected the water quality in terms of pH, dissolved oxygen and BOD in Lascari beach, Italy?
• To what extent do different volumes (1ml, 2ml and 3ml) of inorganic fertilizer impact the quality of Drava river water, measured via pH level and dissolved oxygen?
• What role does wealth play in the differences between the ecological footprint of a household of lower income area opposed to an upper middle class household in a city like London?
• To what extent does the quality of the soil from different areas of Chicago affect the rate of erosion using the splash method of erosion?
• To what extent does individual’s awareness of China’s waste management crisis impact individuals’ thought and habit in waste management?
• To what extent will estimating plastic waste generated by individuals using a plastic footprint calculator lead to understanding of frequent usage of plastic and further aid the analyse of the impact of plastic on the biotic environmental component when disposed untreated?
• To what extent is using hydroelectric power efficient and beneficial to the growing Chinese economy in comparison to using coal power?
• To what extent can we reduce methane production in the USA via changes in beef production?

As you can notice, all of these ESS IA topics are very well defined and formulated. The research question should be relevant and focused. Call us for further information +421948112772 Online ESS Tutor!

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