What will pollution look like in 2030?


What will pollution look like in 2030?

Almost all countries are going to experience hot weather events by 2030. What will pollution look like in 2030?

Currently, plastic accounts for 85 per cent of all marine litter.

By 2030 plastic pollution will double and by 2040, it will nearly triple, adding 23-37 million metric tons of waste into the ocean per year. Because of this, all marine life, from plankton and shellfish; to birds, turtles and mammals; faces the grave risk of toxification, behavioural disorder, starvation and suffocation.

The human body is similarly vulnerable.

Plastics are ingested through seafood, drinks and even common salt. They also penetrate the skin and are inhaled when suspended in the air. In water sources, this type of pollution can cause hormonal changes, developmental disorders, reproductive abnormalities and even cancer.

Climate change and global warming are expected to even worsen because of the increasing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

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