Boost your grades – let me help you pass ESS exam

Boost your grades

Boost your grades – let me help you pass ESS exam

Almost uniquely among IB subjects, ESS can fit into two different subject groups, providing students with flexibility in their course selection. Choosing ESS as your Group 3 subject allows you to select two other sciences, while choosing it in Group 4 means you can study two humanities subjects from Group 3. Whether paired with sciences or humanities, ESS complements a wide range of subjects such as Biology, Geography, Economics, and Politics. Let’s boost your grades!

ESS tutoring – Boost your grades

  • We offer online tutoring, classes, and test prep for various subjects and grade levels. Whether you’re a student, parent, or school administrator, we can create a personalized ESS learning plan just for you.
  • We cover ESS, including topics such as the ecosystems and ecology, laws of thermodinamics, climate change etc.
  • Our experianced examiner will practice questionsrelated to different ESS topics with you. This will help you apply your knowledge and improve your analytical skills.
  • We offer private tutoring servicesto help you pass ESS. Their one-on-one approach ensures personalized assistance tailored to your needs. Book a free 20-minute lesson to get started!
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