How do I find an ESS IA topic?

ESS IAs topics

How do I find an ESS IA topic?

Finding an ESS IA topic is really the make-or-break moment of the whole assignment. It really determines how much time you spend on it and how difficult data analysis will be.

First, take a look at if a questionnaire or experiment would be better suited to your skillset. This is essential since the amount of knowledge on either one will determine how difficult the IA is.

The second step to finding a suitable topic is looking at your everyday life. You will be looking at certain developments in your local region (ie. the creation of certain buildings, the chemicals in waterways, the animals in your region). You will be largely deriving your experiment based on what is happening to your community right now, since that is the only region you will be able to access.

You can get an inspiration for your ESS IA through trying to answer a question that is relevant to your region, in that the price of vegan foods is much higher than those that aren’t. You can find out if these prices influenced the opinions of people in the area you live.

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