Define ESS

DEfine ESS

Define ESS

What is actually  and how to define ESS?

ESS is the first IB Diploma Programme subject – Environmental Systems and Societies. It introduces you to some big environmental issues facing humans and the world we inhabit.

When we define ESS, we try to communicate clearly the issues facing the Earth which are described in this course. We must to continue enquire into and think about the environment and our actions within it so that we can build up knowledge across disciplines in order to solve problems. Governments, groups and individuals taking decisions on environmental issues must evaluate with different viewpoints with an open mind and balance the risks and benefits of their actions.

What is IB ESS programm?

The interdisciplinary nature of the DP course requires a broad skill set from students, including the ability to perform research and investigations, participation in philosophical discussion and problem-solving. The course requires a systems approach to environmental understanding and promotes holistic thinking about environmental issues. Teachers explicitly teach thinking and research skills such as comprehension, text analysis, knowledge transfer and use of primary sources. They encourage students to develop solutions at the personal, community and global levels.

The maxim ”Think globally, act locally” is a driver of this subject. If you are carrying out CAS activities, many of these could also involve protecting and repairing your environment, and we hope you may gain some ideas for this from this course.




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