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ess teacher

ESS teacher

The curriculum model of IB ESS consists of eight core topics. Our IB ESS  online teacher and tutor has developed the proper guidance for these topics. These topics are foundation of environmental systems and societies, ecosystems and ecology, biodiversity and conservation, water and aquatic food production systems and societies, soil systems and terrestrial food production systems and societies, atmospheric systems and societies, climate change and energy production and human systems and resource use. The total teaching duration for these topics is one hundred and twenty hours.

Our IB ESS online teacher and tutor has an expertise on each topic of the course and teaches the topics from the basic to advance level. There are two practical schemes of works also which are practical activities and individual investigation. The tutoring duration for practical activities is twenty hours. The individual investigation needs ten hours of teaching. Our IB ESS online tutor also guides the students in their individual investigation. The most common problem of the students for the internal assessment is to find a suitable topic for the investigation. Therefore our tutor at ESS Tutor help the students in finding suitable IB ESS IA topics for their internal assessment. In addition to this, our ESS teacher and tutor provides the excellent support and help when it comes to preparation for your ESS mock, final exams and any sorts of tests.

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