IB ESS diploma program for September/August 2023 updates

IB ESS diploma program

IB ESS diploma program for September/August 2023 updates

Environmental systems and societies (ESS) is an interdisciplinary course, encompassing both the sciences and individuals. It is offered at both standard level (SL) and higher level (HL). As such, IB ESS combines a mixture of methodologies, techniques and knowledge, associated with both the sciences and individuals and societies.

 IB ESS Study Tips and Resources for Academic Success

  • The most important is that you understand the key concepts and terms of ESS. Then connect with these concepts in every topic. Environmental value systems and you make a connection with sustainability, systems and models and biodiversity, energy flow and pollution management.
  • Make sure you are aware of case studies and examples.
  • Focus on your Internal Assessment, as it is a major part of your final grade.

Effective Study Techniques for IB ESS

ESS is a great alternative for students who are not particularly confident in science, but it’s still a demanding syllabus. Some of the helping tools may be to have a look around yourself and find environmental problems in the real world. Then try to figure out what are the management techniques in order for them to be solved. How would you solve them?

Recommended Books and Online Resources

You can use many ESS books of your choice, but one of the best is the Oxford IB diploma programe book. Also, we offer many online resources such as 101 ESS IA question ideas and 101 ESS questions – IB style that you can get at: ESS store – ESS- Environmental Systems and Societies (esstutor.net)

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