ESS IA ideas (3)

ESS IA ideas (3)

During the ESS IB course, you have a range of ESS IA topics.

Examples of the ESS IA topics and Research questions are listed below:

• To what extent does washing the dishes in the sink affect water footprint?
• To what extent is there a gap between different age groups when it comes to recycling in Huston?
• To what extent does distance from a high way affect the growth of lichen?
• What is a correlation between CO2 emissions and life expectancy in France?
• To what extent does the quality of Green lake water affect fluoride levels of the ground water within 2 kilometres range?
• To what extent does acid rain affects forests in Brazil?
• To what extent does the distance from the forest affect the soil biodiversity?
• Is there a strong correlation between CO2 emissions and mortality rate caused by respiratory illnesses in Buenos Aires?
• To what extent do age groups affect the environmental philosophies of people in Mexico City?
• To what extent does agriculture affect biodiversity in Danube River in Germany?
• What are the effects of aerosol cans on the ozone layer?
• What are the effects of well water on the growth of Ocimum Basilicum?

The students should decide upon the title or topic of their ESS IA. However, the teacher should be there to support them.

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