ESS IA Structure – Guidelines for passing exam easily!


ESS IA Structure – Guidelines for passing exam easily!

This is where you start your research and context. Here, you write your research question. But bear in mind that your research question for ESS IA can change over time, and so you can easily work your way through that.

Identifying the context

You need to research your topic so that you can talk about what the issue is and why you this is an issue ex. Climate change in Italy. You are also expected to write about the importance of the topic here, so that you can talk about why you chose this and how this impacts the work that you are doing.


Here you need to write about your specific methodology that you are going to use for your ESS IA ex. Survey. Also, the list of variables is required and all the materials listed that you used.

You also have to give details about how the data was collected and then how you processed the findings. With that in place, you can take the examiner through these things in much more detail, which helps you easily work through with what you want.

Results, analysis and conclusion

In this part you need to show your raw and manipulated data and to analyse them. Add your own tables, charts and graphs to support your research. You are expected to write about the main points that you understood here. Also talk about what you recommend based on the research you did and what that made you understand.

Discussion and evaluation

In this part you are expected to evaluate the conclusion. If you can find a study that ether supports or denies your conclusion. Add strenghts, limitations and weaknesses of your methodology and add a future areas of research.


What is your solution for the environmental issue of your ESS IA? Ex. Climate change in Italy? Add a realistic solution and evaluate it.

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