ESS IA word count

ESS IA word count

When writing a ESS IA, it is important that your work fits into IB requirements and rules. One of these rules is ESS IA word count. Many students ask me what is/isn’t included in the word count and that is why I decided to share it with you.

There is a 1500-2250 word limit for the internal assessment report, but tabulated numerical data are not included in this limit. Nevertheless If there is a large amount of data collected in digital form then a representative sample could be shown instead as this might improve the conciseness of the report.

If there is more than 2250 words, the teacher/marker should stop reading the report when the word limit has been reached. If the student goes over the limit, they are likely to lose marks for aspects of the assessment criteria not addressed before the word limit was reached, and also risk being penalised for a lack of conciseness in the communication criterion.

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