Ideas for ESS IA (1)

ESS IA ideas

Ideas for ESS IA (1)

You are interested in ESS but need some ideas for ESS Ia? You are in the right place!

The topic of your IA is tremendously important as it will influence many of the following aspects:

• -Place of measurement
• -Methodology
• -Equipment
• -Plant used
• -Pollutant used etc.

Some of the tips for writing a good ESS IA:
• Your research question should be clear and very specific.
• Avoid general terms as pollution, and refer to the specific independent and dependent variables you will be testing in your investigation.
• You have to be specific about the direction and magnitude of the change you expect to observe in the dependent variable as a result of changes you make in the level of the independent variable.

Here is a listing of examples. The titles below are general, to give you a sense of direction, but they are not sufficiently specific to serve as a research question. You will have to modify the title to make it more specific and focused. In most cases, this will involve indicating the variable(s) chosen for investigation.

  • Growth of lichen as affected by the distance from a highway
  • Los Angeles COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place Policy and CO2 emissions.
  • CO2 effect on global atmospheric temperatures.
  • Wealth of a country relating to its carbon emissions
  • Construction of a new school multi-purpose building effect on the local ecosystems
  • Carbon emission policies

    If you are interested in this subject, make sure to read all our usefull materials about ESS IA Ideas!

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