Ideas for ESS IA (3)

Ideas for ESS IA (3)

Many students struggle with a right choice of the ESS IA. They are unsure how/when and where to look for the right ESS IA topic. Many students ask me to help them with their ESS IA and I do it with joy.

Here is a listing of examples. The titles below are general, to give you a sense of direction, but they are not sufficiently specific to serve as a research question. You will have to modify the title to make it more specific and focused. In most cases, this will involve indicating the variable(s) chosen for investigation.

Impact of the Hungarian Wall on the migration of deer
Agricultural fertilizer’s effect on the eutrophication
Impact of a person’s income on the size of their ecological footprint
Pesticide use effects on genetic biodiversity
Salinization effects on the rate of crop growth
Acid rain affects of crops in the USA
Degradation rates of glass
Nations and their affects on environmental philosophies
Deforestation affected on the rate of erosion
The rate of decomposition of biodegradable plastics
Level of economic development on species loss
Evaluation of the UK recycling program
How wildfires in France effect climate change in this country
Circular economy
The effect of veganism on ecological footprint

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