Ideas for your ESS assignments – you can do it!

ESS assignments

Ideas for your ESS assignments – you can do it!

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Exploring Career Opportunities with an IB ESS Background


Subject choice should align with your higher education aspirations and personal interests. It’s a good idea to consult with a careers counsellor when finalising your selection, to ensure it serves your goals. However, chosing the ESS IB can lead you to the career options such as environmental consultant, air pollution analyst, environmental engeneer, environmental manager, recycling expert or sustainability consultant.

How IB ESS Prepares You for Environmental Careers


The interdisciplinary nature of the course means students produce a synthesis of understanding  from the various topics studied. It also emphasizes the ability to perform research and investigations and to participate in philosophical, ethical, and pragmatic discussions of the issues involved from the local through to the global level.

For example a sustainability consultant is an environmental employee who ensures that businesses adhere to environmental needs. They advise businesses on how to decrease the environmental impact that machines and employees have on the local environment. They research different ways that specific businesses can decrease environmental waste, and create plans to help accomplish conservation goals.


Job Roles and Industries for IB ESS Graduates


Example for ESS graduates would be an Environmental engineer. They may address known issues in both business and humanitarian settings, such as a need for usable drinking water, climate change action teams and sustainability efforts. Environmental engineers use their writing skills to review and prepare environmental investigation reports so that a business has updated permits and documents for inspections.

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